I'm Grant Uy. This has been a work in progress (albeit a very slow one) since 2010. Once in a while, I put up simple games or tools that I've coded, but I generally just use this site to experiment with random webapps.

Mauricio Narvaez and I ventured into app development in late 2013, so if you're looking for anything relating to Short Giraffe Games, click here.

I'm aware that this is extremely out of date. (Notice the classic 90's splash page!) I've been meaning to get around to updating the site.

You can click the section titles in the bar below to navigate rest of the site.


These are just simple little games I've worked on. In the past, I generally made PHP games (i.e. those that require you to reload the page for every action), but now with the rise of HTML5/CSS3 and animations, I am moving toward much smoother JavaScript games.

"Newer" Games:
Bappy Flird
Pick Your Poison
Call of Commerce: Black Shops (APWH)
Civilization Game (APWH)

Very Old Games:
Civil War Game (8th Grade)


Unfortunately, I don't have very many public tools, as many of the programs I write are for very specific situations and thus merit no place on this list. However, clicking the button below will change the background of this page to a random color. Try it; it's pretty addicting.

Paragraph Chart Generator

About This Site

I coded this site entirely in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript; I am a self-taught intermediate in all four of those languages. However, the Java applets hosted on this site were programmed by my friend Mauricio, not me--I am only a Java novice.

If you haven't already changed the background in the Tools section, you may have wondered why it's simply a plain blue. In reference to a close friend of mine, on every new webpage I create I make the background a sapphire blue. Think of it as an inside joke, if you will.