Fair warning that this website is extremely out of date if you couldn't tell from the 90's splash page. I've basically tossed random games and tools on here since 2010.

Updating the games on here (I never did get around to score validation, if it isn't obvious from the high score list) and updating the paragraph chart generator (it's still the original version I hacked together one afternoon at Jesuit) have been on my to-do list forever, sadly.

You can click the section titles in the bar below to navigate rest of the site.


These are just simple little games I've worked on. In the past, I generally made PHP games (i.e. those that require you to reload the page for every action), but now with the rise of HTML5/CSS3 and animations, I am moving toward much smoother JavaScript games.

"Newer" Games:
Bappy Flird
Pick Your Poison
Call of Commerce: Black Shops (APWH)
Civilization Game (APWH)

Very Old Games:
Civil War Game (8th Grade)


Unfortunately, I don't have very many public tools, as many of the programs I write are for very specific situations and thus merit no place on this list. However, clicking the button below will change the background of this page to a random color. Try it; it's pretty addicting.

Paragraph Chart Generator

About Me

I graduated from Jesuit in 2014, and at time of writing, I'm studying electrical and computer engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

I try to avoid publicly posting my email address, so if you know me (or are from Jesuit) and need to contact me, please add me on Facebook.